Make Your Linux Desktop Look Like macOS Catalina

Gaurav Bhardwaj
2nd June
Read Time: 2 mins


Global Theme: McMojave
Plasma Style: McMojave
Application Style: Kvantum (Installing Kvantum Manager and selected Kvantum Mojave)
Gnome GTK – Os-Catalina-Gtk-Mojave
Window Decoration: McMojave
Title Bar: Close, Minimize, Maximize
Colors: McMojave
Link to for Downloading Fonts:
General: SF Pro Display Light 10pt
Fixed width: Hack 9pt
Small: SF Pro Display 10pt
Toolbar: SF Pro Display 10pt
Menu: SF Pro Display 10pt
Window title: SF Pro Display 10pt
Icons: McMojave-circle-dark
Cursor: McMojave
Wallpaper Link: 
Note: Please Install Latte-Dock Stable instead of git version if you prefer stability.
Latte Dock Settings:
Lower Dock:
Launchpad Plasma*, All Applications, Latte Separator*, Recycle Bin
* To Be Installed Separator
Top Bar:
Latte Spacer, Kpple Menu*, Application Title (Only Application name)*, Two Latte Splitter (**), Bluetooth, Network Connections, Power Saving, Audio Volume, Chilli Clock (Custom date->ddd d, ), Search, Sidebar Button
* To Be Installed Separator

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