3 Top Linux Distros of 2021

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In this post, we will review some of our top Linux distros picks of 2021. With the advancement of technology, the craze of open-source is increasing day by day, but we cannot ignore one of the great open-source platforms in the world i.e. Linux. It is predicted that the Linux platform will further rise exponentially in the coming years. If we compare Linux with other platforms like Microsoft & Apple, the advantage of Linux is that it has a wide range of distributions (many Linux distros) which is amazing, but at the same time selecting one distribution over the other is very confusing.

I am using Linux since 2011, so I have tried around 500+ Linux distros in the span of 10 years.

Here are my pick for top Linux distros of 2021 (without any bias).

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is – all Linux distros are created with lots of hard work, so I don’t like criticizing any distro, as all are using Linux Kernel under the hood πŸ™‚ and provides unique features on top of it and is easily customizable. So all are good – but I will provide the list of my best Linux distros in recent times. Let’s start with the countdown.

3. Manjaro

Manjaro KDE Desktop - Ittwist

Manjaro is a great distribution of Linux which is based on Arch Linux. Many people afraid to install it in the assumption that it uses the rolling updates so it will be very unstable. Unlike, I would say it is very stable and It’s not always the thing that β€œLatest is always buggyβ€œ. If we consider today’s IT paradigm in the latest releases we fix most of the bugs that we encountered earlier. I am impressed with the Manjaro as it offers stability under the hood. So that is why it is number 3 of the top Linux distros on my list.

Manjaro Linux Kernel Selection - Ittwist

It also offers you to choose any kernel of your choice in the graphical mode, from the Long Term Support (LTS) to the latest released beta kernel. Addition to that, You can also access AUR (Arch User Repository) from Manjaro as it is a variant of Arch Linux.

Manjaro Driver Selection - Ittwist

Manjaro offers strong driver inbuilt support, which is nice.

Manjaro Memory Footprint - Ittwist

Moreover, I am impressed with Manjaro as it uses very little memory and provides a seamless desktop experience.


You can download Manjaro by navigating to the official website.

2. Linux Mint

Linux Mint Desktop - Ittwist

Unlike arch, Linux mint is based upon the most famous distribution in the world Ubuntu (derivative of Debian). Linux mint is more refined than Ubuntu. You can also say Linux Mint as β€œPolished Ubuntuβ€œ. Linux Mint also has a wide range of packages that you can install from the store. It also features better support for old hardware. I have used Linux mint as my daily driver for almost 4-5 years, never noticed any single lag or issue. Considering the latest release, I must say developers have done their best in refining Linux mint and taking it one step ahead, that is why it is number 2 of the top Linux distros on my list.

Linux Mint System Monitor - Ittwist

Like Manjaro, It is also very memory efficient ( The screenshot above is from the live environment you can see it is using 1GB memory but if you install it on your hard drive it can give you more better results ). I can vouch for this thing that – if you choose Linux mint, you will stick to this distro for the longer time and will rarely encounter any issues as it is highly stable.


You can download Linux Mint by navigating to the official website.

1. Pop! OS

Pop! OS COSMIC Desktop - Ittwist

Pop! OS is created by System 76, as Linux mint, it is also based upon Ubuntu and comes under Debian Family. If you are a gamer, programmer, or scientist looking for a distro, I must say go for Pop! OS. Ever since it is released, I am using Pop! OS as my daily driver and has never disappointed me. The games on Pop! OS runs extremely smooth and the driver support is outstanding. If you download the distro it comes in two variants – an Intel one & NVIDIA one. You will rarely notice any graphics issue on this distribution, that is why it has gathered huge popularity in a short span of time, that is why it is ranked number 1 on my list of the top Linux distros.

In the latest 21.04 release, Pop! OS has introduced a new COSMIC Workflow (Computer Operating System Main Interface Components) which is based upon GNOME. I must say it is awesome and also makes the life of the user easier. It provides you the freedom to navigate your workflow via your mouse, keyboard, and/or trackpad.

Pop! OS COSMIC Launcher - Ittwist

The launcher is amazing and super flexible allows you to search the applications with the Super Key, Also helps to switch the tabs which is a plus point.

Pop! OS Tiling Manager - Ittwist

A Pop shell Window tiling is also a one point which comes inbuilt with the distro, However you can also install via extensions on the other distro that are using GNOME desktop environment. If you’re interested, you can refer to this Github link.


You can download Pop! OS by navigating to the official website.

Conclusion: All these three Linux distros Manjaro, Linux Mint, and Pop! OS are amazing. If you like the rolling updates or Arch-based distro, I would say go with Manjaro. If you like Debian-based distro’s go with Pop OS! or Linux Mint.

If you have any queries, suggestions, or any other Linux distros in your mind please feel free to write in the comment section below.


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Hey, Thanks for providing Insights. I have installed POP OS it is freaking awesome

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